Tuesday, April 2, 2013

~"The Night Streets..."~

Was it a man judge out the mind of every box...just some kind out of the box was it not to be within the box?
  Last night I was walking alone...when to town to get something I wanted perhaps I was hungry that night.
As I walking...my phone rang and yes people do call...message us...to be careful and yet...that night I did saw something extraordinary.
   The stars that guide every moment of the sweetest to bitter memories and a running gap which link my mind...to someone else out there perhaps someone we love nor someone we used to be.
   The only thing that follows me that night only my shadow...yet slowly disappear in the dark and reappear in the light...by the moment of fear I had to run and to ensure safety that night until I get my puke way was it or not?
   Yeah...I did puke those gut out.

   By the way...last night I enjoyed one the best Raub delicacy...and hopefully my so called "grand daughter" not that hungry last night.

                     Living in Raub is like one part of life to me and I'm glad live in Raub...perhaps...maybe after 10 years nor the future coming Raub will be a great place to live.

              I wish I can do something better out of it and be someone who can remember...

   ~"Night streets singing out of blue...
              The shadow which only follow you...
                     Where lights getting dimmer and dimmer...
                                 There is where you're not alone forever..."~

                                                                                                                       Benny Liew~