Tuesday, April 2, 2013

~"To Catch the Wind..."~

Imagine how to catch the wind...was it impossible?
           Yes indeed...but instead you can feel the wind that blows through your skin.

Let's just say...

         "Every morning we all wake up and make our own routine...working perhaps for us adults nor studying at school and gain knowledge...but is it a routine we all wanted anyway?"

  Not really necessary to take it as a routine.In many cases I've learn about bored is not we are bored,its because we can't fulfill anything and there is nothing to do about it since we are already bored.
   Talk about bored...we can do something we might wanna do and execute all those "bored" stuff away...which chatting with your friends..lovers...perhaps take a walk with your dog and breath such lovely fresh air outside...or maybe watching the sunset slowly set down till day getting dark.
    Today it was a blazing hot day indeed and of course,I got nothing to do and it was kinda bored so I've decided to take a walk.
  Who knows...outside there is much more to see.Its a challenge by the sun which inside was hot...and the outside just another cooling day anyway.
   Slowly I feel the wind and yet I heard sounds inside my head whispering slowly and closely...and I was seating there...watching the sky slowly weeps..shed...dark...and yet...feels with peacefully pleasure indeed.

~"Even clouds get separated...they will be always good tomorrow...nor good day after tomorrow..."~

Blue...always my favorite color that reminds me those peaceful moment.
            As always thought blue is the color of the wide ocean...nor the open spaces of the sky,yet...how to fulfill of great freedom we all need anyway.

      Yet I also think about things I wouldn't have known which what will happen tomorrow.

~"No matter who you are...there is always something inside which show you the way you are...is to be who you truly are..."~
And yet of course...I don't wanna see people gone after tomorrow but yet its not my decision...still we all have to appreciate each one of us and be remember no matter who we are...there is always light inside us...which each one of us all the time.

 ~"Always remember between rage and serenity..."~

                                                                                        Benny Liew...
To Be Continued...


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