Wednesday, April 3, 2013

~"Those Days Are Gone.."~

Living alone....and I've think the all the friends I've known so much...make me frustrated and bored out of loneliness....and I know deep down inside...well everyone be remembered?

     The parents I used to mother...lovely beautiful she is wasn't here anymore for what I've done...and took all the blame against her.I wish I can be forgive.....

~"My mom and me...the 1 year old me~"
Nevertheless....I wish I can let it go anyway.

     For the friends...people out there that I've known...there are people more worse situation than I am and I'm lucky to be alive today...was it not to think how negative instead thinking positively...straight forward to my own hand and future.

~"Even they both not at my side...I'm proud to live in this world and thankful I'm alive because of them with love and happiness inside their hearts and soul."~

~"All you gotta do is be yourself...understand the situation...and love the people around you....even they are lost and remember...."~

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

~"To Catch the Wind..."~

Imagine how to catch the wind...was it impossible?
           Yes indeed...but instead you can feel the wind that blows through your skin.

Let's just say...

         "Every morning we all wake up and make our own routine...working perhaps for us adults nor studying at school and gain knowledge...but is it a routine we all wanted anyway?"

  Not really necessary to take it as a routine.In many cases I've learn about bored is not we are bored,its because we can't fulfill anything and there is nothing to do about it since we are already bored.
   Talk about bored...we can do something we might wanna do and execute all those "bored" stuff away...which chatting with your friends..lovers...perhaps take a walk with your dog and breath such lovely fresh air outside...or maybe watching the sunset slowly set down till day getting dark.
    Today it was a blazing hot day indeed and of course,I got nothing to do and it was kinda bored so I've decided to take a walk.
  Who knows...outside there is much more to see.Its a challenge by the sun which inside was hot...and the outside just another cooling day anyway.
   Slowly I feel the wind and yet I heard sounds inside my head whispering slowly and closely...and I was seating there...watching the sky slowly weeps..shed...dark...and yet...feels with peacefully pleasure indeed.

~"Even clouds get separated...they will be always good tomorrow...nor good day after tomorrow..."~

~"The Night Streets..."~

Was it a man judge out the mind of every box...just some kind out of the box was it not to be within the box?
  Last night I was walking alone...when to town to get something I wanted perhaps I was hungry that night.
As I phone rang and yes people do call...message be careful and yet...that night I did saw something extraordinary.
   The stars that guide every moment of the sweetest to bitter memories and a running gap which link my someone else out there perhaps someone we love nor someone we used to be.
   The only thing that follows me that night only my shadow...yet slowly disappear in the dark and reappear in the the moment of fear I had to run and to ensure safety that night until I get my puke way was it or not?
   Yeah...I did puke those gut out.

   By the way...last night I enjoyed one the best Raub delicacy...and hopefully my so called "grand daughter" not that hungry last night.

                     Living in Raub is like one part of life to me and I'm glad live in Raub...perhaps...maybe after 10 years nor the future coming Raub will be a great place to live.

              I wish I can do something better out of it and be someone who can remember...

   ~"Night streets singing out of blue...
              The shadow which only follow you...
                     Where lights getting dimmer and dimmer...
                                 There is where you're not alone forever..."~

                                                                                                                       Benny Liew~