Wednesday, March 27, 2013

~"A Lullaby Night..."~

Every night looking out the window with full of blinking stars and moon shines out with light to cover those darkness...just hear another lullaby.

 I still remember when I stay with her that night...seating beside her bed and everything slowly when silent.Like a daddy try to make a bedtime story for his daughter before bed.
  "Once upon a time...there was a boy who was stuck into a limbo.It was and silent cause no one dares to enter that place.Do you wanna know why he wants to go there?"

  "Where?"she ask with full excited.

"Because he's searching answer and to know who's the girl behind the limbo and who knows...the girl"I pranked her.

It was fun to prank someone though...but...those moments I can't truly forget anyway.


   I still remember I played "HUNT and SEEK" with the friends I've know in the villa and it was fun and memorial perhaps?

This is the link>>


...and on 28,March.2010...I still remember that I dance with her under the moon...teaching her waltz within one step to another although we're just young kids who don't know anything at all.
Here's another link
Dance On The Moon

I can't forget all those moments even thought it has been years ago...and it's strange that now the feeling I have still strong because...nor perhaps...its how we all understand and learn about it.

Helping Her

Heal of Inspiration

She was having fever and I someone who cares we must help...until..yeah... saving her the little lullaby she used to listen...and the song she loved to listen and all the stories I wrote in a little script even though its just an ordinary paper but has words that keep us both in mind.
      I thought we'll never part but yet...yeah,I know...just have to accept everything in this world.
  Everyone got no choice but to accept what has given by fate anyway...right?

The song...we both used to sing...I miss the way you stroke my hair and pull it and pat your head like little cute puppy...I miss the way you always sneakily sleep in my room...I miss the part when we both dance...I miss almost everything..and the most which I miss is when the way you say good night with adding little snort out there...and I miss you so much.

 Well...worry not because yeah...I'm kinda happy that you gave me everything in life and I hope one'll always be in my how every night we sing our lullaby.

                                                                Benny Liew~


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