Monday, March 18, 2013

~"The Simple Little Journal..."~

To all readers out there~!! How'dy~

  My name is Benny Liew and I'm probably growing older this year which I'm 18...perhaps 19 and so on for the next few years...who knows?

  But yet...
                  I'm just an ordinary kid live nor try to live in a simple way.Maybe not too simple as it was.Day by day everything just keep on running within step we are heading through.

   Everyday I'm always thinking about every step that already ruin my past this I take it as a lesson to be learn...and learn back from my mistakes I've already done.

Imagine of a worldly freedom and solid cloud floating here and there...
                                         ...and finally a world of great serenity in rage...just peace.
For more than a decade I lived and working out my daily routine makes me out through my own decision of my own life.

  I had many names and so does we all had many fames.One single call made us cross out through every tunnel of something that always remind us..

             "Our love once..."~

 So...there's always simple journal we always recorded in our mind...and what we do is created memories of good nor evil...bad nor spiritually making us to understand more about people and us...perhaps to yourself too.

   How simple it always...~

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